"I was born in Antalya and after first 18 years experience in there, I started my university times in 2006. I graduated with high honor list from ITU and I finished master degree on the same department. As a graduation reward, my title has been changed from aeronautics engineer to aeronautics and astronautics engineer which is also known as aerospace engineer.

    In my career, I had experience in fluid dynamics analysis and aerodynamic design especially in the engineering area. I gained important experience about Turbomachinery aerodynamic design. Since I have been taking part in the National turbojet engines project for defense industry in Turkey, many reports done for the competent authority. Then, Turkish Airlines Inc. offered a new job opportunity in 2013. I joined Airbus performance engineer course and got a new title called Performance Engineer with a certificate from Airbus SAS. Also, I have certificate from Airbus to instruct flight crew which is called Performance Instructor. Currently, I am still working for Turkish Airlines and proud of my company to become a member of this fantastic Airline."

    Personal Informations

    • Nationality: Turkish Republic (TC)
    • Birth place: Antalya 
    • Birth Date: 03.10.19__ 
    • Military Service: Done (2015) 
    • Marital Condition: Single 
    • Driving License: B type (Turkey license)


    2011 - 2014
    MSC. Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering GPA: 3.63/4.00

    2006- 2011
    Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering GPA: 3.59/4.00 (3rd degree)


    1. Airbus A330 Performance Instructor Course, Toulouse, June 2014
    2. Airbus Advanced Performance Engineer Course, Toulouse, April 2014
    3. Airbus A330/A340 Performance Engineer Course, Toulouse, March 2014
    4. Occupational Health and Safety, Istanbul, December 2013
    5. Aircraft General Introduction, Istanbul, December 2013
    6. Training of Trainers, Istanbul, November 2013
    7. Annual Cansat Competition, Texas, June 2011
    8. Interview Techniques Training, Istanbul, April 2011
    9. Certification of Nastran-Patran, Istanbul, March 2010
    10. Certification of Catia, Istanbul, October 2009
    11. Model Aircraft Certification, Istanbul, June 2008
    12. Microsoft Office, Antalya, June 2008


    - Istanbul Technical University
      Graduation at High Honor List, B.Sc., 3rd, Aeronautical Engineering
    - CanSat Competition, 11th, 2011


    Turkish Airlines, Specialist
    November 2013 – Present, Istanbul Turkey

    Assisted in the training and checking requirements and standards for the Turkish Airlines flight crew training and flight operations. Conversion and Type Rating courses are provided to cockpit crew in accordance with the approved training program. Prepares required reports and publications. The courses currently authorized are:

    - Aircraft Systems

    - Airbus A320/330/340 Performance

    - Extended Range with Twin Engine Aircraft Operations

    - Mass and Balance

    Kale Aero, R&D Engineer
    June 2012 – October 2013, Istanbul Turkey

    A team member of the group that is designing the first turbojet engine of Turkey. Mainly working on compressor aerodynamic design. Theoretical, CFD and experimental studies on compressor aerodynamics. Responsible for assisting in experimental setups, instrumentation and performing tests.

    Istanbul Technical University, Aeronautical Engineer
    November 2011 – May 2012, Istanbul Turkey

    Studied on computational fluid dynamics, analyzed and optimized ventilation systems.

    Corendon Airlines, Inc., Intern
    August 2010 – September 2010, Antalya, Turkey

    Assisted in planning department, pilot logbook data and maintenance department. Maintenance cost analysis done. Some forms and procedures are developed for company.

    Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc., Intern
    June 2010 – July 2010, Ankara, Turkey

    Worked on T38 avionics modernization and implemented the T-38 avionics upgrade for the Turkish Air Force (TurAF) under the T-38 Avionics Modernization (ARI) Program.

    Turkish Airlines Technique, Inc., Intern
    July 2009 – August 2009, Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey

    Studied in aircraft maintenance repair-overhaul service. Assisted in mechanical sub-systems and landing systems department for passenger airplanes.

    ITU, Intern
    August 2008 – September 2008, Istanbul, Turkey

    Worked on milling, planning, welding and molding in the machine workshop of ITU. Practical experience on lathe was gained.

    Computer Skills

    - Pointwise
    - Catia
    - LS-DYNA
    - Fluent
    - Concepts NREC (Axial, Axcent, TurbooptII)
    - Nastran-Patran
    - Microsoft Office

    ———Contact Me———

    Email : mesutcaliskan@yahoo.com

    Phone : +90 507 517 76 66

    Address : Istanbul, Turkey